Sunday, April 27, 2014

Very Busy Day

We watched the old 1959 movie “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” last night on Netflix. Had not seen that since I was a little kid. I could not go to sleep for some reason and got up to take a sleep aid around midnight. Got up at 6 am to let Hiker outside and I turned on my laptop and noticed I had not Internet connection and I'm thinking “oh great, the new router/modem is not work”. I went and reset it and then everything was OK. I'm guessing when you first connect it, it takes awhile for Time Warner to do their thing to make it run properly because it seems to be fine of today, except I know my RoadRunner email with Time Warner was receiving but not sending. Keith and I went over to the Verizon store and I upgraded my 2 year old iPhone 4 to a new iPhone 5C. I got the pretty blue one. The guy at the store put my contacts in my phone but I'm now putting all of my apps, etc. into it. Poor Hiker was left at home alone most of the day. I feel bad about leaving her. I was going to take my old modem back to Time Warner, but they are not open on Sundays, so I will have to do that tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on the new phone. ENJOY! I have a 3G android Global with keypad and refuse to upgrade because manual keypads are no longer available.

  2. Sounds like you have had a good weekend with Keith... Congrats on the new iPhone. We got one recently (OUR FIRST ONE) and are still learning all of the bells and whistles!!!!! Ours is a 5s..... I love the Siri addition --since I cannot type on these tiny things...You can talk your messages and Siri will type them in for you... Kinda neat.



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