Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Support Group and Lunch Out

Up and dressed and headed over to the Senior Center for my weekly group session. It was clear and warmer this morning. I sure was tired yesterday evening. I don't know when I got “old”. I used to be able to do some house work and go out on hikes the same day and be just fine, but now just one or the other causes me to be so tired in the evenings. At least when I get tired from house work or from hiking, I don't have any problem going to sleep. Had a small group in our support session today. My eyes were bothering me a lot today, so I was pretty quiet. Seems that the bright lights bother me more now than they did before. After group, DeDee and I went over to Backwoods for lunch.

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  1. Hope your eyes heal from whatever is causing you this discomfort. I know exactly what you mean about getting older and needing more sleep. Whether I want to or not..


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