Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Trip To Los Angeles On The Train

Was having the strangest dream when I woke up this morning. Actually I woke up around 2:30 am from the dream. I felt really strange when I woke up. I was dreaming that Ben was alive, but he was younger, like in his 30's or 40's. Also what was strange, he and I were no longer married, but we were like best friends who had been married. I found out he was going to marry another woman. Ben wanted me to be a witness at the wedding and I was very upset about that because I felt he should not be marrying this woman. I remember seeing Ben's mom and dad at the wedding. Ben's dad passed many years ago and his mom passed a few years before Ben did. I don't recall seeing Ben's brother there, but his sister was there and she was really mad a Ben for asking me to be at the wedding because she knew it was upsetting me. I remember she was about to rip into Ben about marrying this other woman and that's when I woke up. So anyway, got up at 6 am and we went for a quick dog walk with Jean and her dogs, then at 9:15 am, Jean and I headed over to the train station for our trip down to Los Angeles. Now let me remind you...I have never ridden on any trains other than the kind you ride at an amusement park. I thought the train ride both going and coming back home was really fun except for that the trains always seem to travel through the worst parts of towns. We got to Union Station around 11 am and then tried to find our way out of the huge station to the street where I would have to walk to the Federal Court House if I do have to report for jury duty. It was only about 3 blocks away and very easy to find once we found our way out of the station. The bad part is we had to walk past all of the homeless people and some of them would be yelling and cussing. So we walked by the court house and then by the city hall, then went to look for somewhere to have lunch. We walked passed Olvera Street (El Pueblo de Los Angeles) which was the actual birth place of Los Angeles and down to Philippe's. Philippe's is world famous for their French Dip sandwiches. After lunch, we walked back through Olvera Street and walked through the Avila Adobe, the oldest home in Los Angeles. We then crossed the street and explored more of the train station and then got on the train to head home. Got home just a little after 3 pm. I wouldn't mind riding it down there again for lunch, but I'm not looking forward the possibility of being on the jury.

Me and my neighbor Jean in downtown Los Angeles

Me on the train leaving the station to head for home


  1. Your train ride sounds like quite an excursion. Glad you tested the waters before you have to be there.


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