Monday, April 7, 2014

Warm Monday

Out of bed early this morning and out for our walk with Jean and her dogs. It was already pretty warm. After Jean left, Hiker and I went in to have our poached egg breakfast and Hiker was a very bad girl. I always give her an egg in her dog dish and I put mine on an English muffin with low-fat ham and fat free cheese. I put hers in the bowl and mine was on the counter. I left the room for just 2 seconds and when I came back, Hiker had stood up on her back legs and took the slice of cheese off of my sandwich and I'm sure if I had not caught her, she would have taken the rest of the sandwich too. She has never done that before. I scolded her, telling her how bad she was and that she was not to do that. I never spank her, so I hope the scolding will help her to understand that what she did was bad. I also ignored her for awhile to let her know that if she's bad that she doesn't get any attention for awhile. I cleaned the house after that. I vacuum all the time, but every 3 months, I do what I consider my “deep cleaning” and that's what I did this morning. When I finished, I sat down on the sofa and Hiker got on the sofa next to me and kept looking at me while I ignored her. Then she laid down next to me and every once in awhile, she would touch me with her paw, but I continued to ignore her. I want her to understand she cannot be bad. Since I do not spank Hiker and I cannot “ground” her as you do children, I just ignored her for most of the day. I finally went in and gave her a hug and told her I still love her. She started kissing me like crazy. She knew I was mad at her. We did not go for a walk this afternoon because I was tired from doing my housework this morning. Got up to 89° here today.

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  1. She must have been hungry to do that. I think you handled it well.


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