Saturday, April 26, 2014


Keith arrived a little after 6 pm last night. We had dinner and watched a little TV. Got up around 7:30 am. Wanted to go to Best Buy to get myself a new router/modem combination and get rid of the Time Warner modem so they won't be charging me every month to use theirs. We had to wait for my gardener to come and do his job before we could leave because I had to be here to let him into the backyard. We got the new router/modem and then headed over to Topper's Pizza for lunch. Stopped by Sam's Club on the way home and then started the task of setting it up. Had to call Time Warner to get some assistance. Hopefully we will settle down for a movie tonight and then tomorrow I want to go to the Verizon store and maybe upgrade my iPhone.


  1. We got rid of our modem/router from Time Warner too. Let us know if you like the new one. we do.

  2. we tried the router/modem thing, we could never get any help from our cable co. to set it up. So we took it back. Ugh!


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