Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Nice Summer Day

After doing 30 minutes of walking/aerobic exercises with my Leslie Sansone DVDs for 2 days, I am so sore. I can hardly move. Every muscle in my body hurts. You use muscles with these DVDs that you don't use when walking around the neighborhood. Proves how out of shape I am. Even after making myself walk outside more, these more strenuous workouts are really showing how I have let my body break down. But I need to keep going. I remember when I first got back to walking and hiking about 9 years ago, I was so sore at first. You cannot stop. You have to let your body get used to it.
Got up just before 8 am, had breakfast and washed my sheets. Took Hiker with me when I drove over to buy my lottery tickets, then I came back and finished the little bit of yard work that I didn't get done yesterday.
It was 16 years ago today the my mom passed away. I can't believe it has been that long. I remember every detail of that evening.
Weather was so nice this afternoon that Hiker and I went out and played ball for awhile in the yard. About 80° with a nice breeze blowing.
Since we didn't do a walk outside this morning, I did a one mile walk with the DVD. It actually made my muscles feel better while I was exercising, but I'll bet I'll be sore in the morning again.

Hiker looking for the dog next door


  1. That dvd sounds like quite a workout. Don't overdo or you might hurt something.

  2. Hi, I'm so proud of you for the aerobic exercise... I am a 'walker' ONLY ---but know about being sore. Even when I am working in the yard and doing some heavy duty bending over ---over and over---the back of my legs can get really sore. OR on certain hikes, I can get sore the next morning...

    Still not too hot here so far this summer. Wonder what August will bring us????? ha

    Have a good day --and stay COOL out there.

  3. Woohoo go Kay!!! You really DO use more muscles w/our workouts than traditional walking...the soreness is so GOOD! Thanks so much for walking that walk with us! Much health to you and Hiker :) Thanks again and keep WALKING strong!
    -Walk at Home Team


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