Friday, July 18, 2014

Hiker's Grooming Day

Up at 6 am and out by 7 am for our dog walk with Jean. We stopped by our neighbor Chris's house to pick up her dog Patches so Patches could come over to my house and play with the dogs for awhile and then we headed over to Jean's house so both Hiker and Patches could get groomed.
Could not believe how much Hiker's hair had grown in the past 2 months. It seemed longer and thicker than it was back then when Jean groomed Hiker. Now she looks like a totally different dog and she is all full of spit and vinegar, running around like a crazy dog.
Started out as another cool day. No clouds this morning like we've had the past 2 or 3 mornings.
Hiker and I spent the afternoon on the patio. Got up to around 82°.

On the grooming table

Not a happy doggy 

All done 

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  1. Hiker had a makeover. I hardly recognize her.


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