Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nice Day

Got up around 7 am. It was overcast outside. Hiker and I headed out for a 2 and a quarter mile walk. Even thought it was overcast, it was very humid, so I was drenched by the time we got back home.
Made some breakfast and then paid some bills and did a little housework. Settled down to watch “The Young & The Restless”.
I decided to buy an exercise DVD for the days when it is too hot to go outside. I bought “Older Adults Walk & Firm with Leslie Sansone”. I used to have the Fitness Channel on my Time Warner and I would watch Leslie Sansone and do the indoor walking exercises. After Ben passed away, I could never find the Fitness Channel on TWC so I gave up on them.
It was a beautiful day here once the clouds burned off. Got into the mid 80's. I didn't even turn my A/C on, just opened up the doors. May have to turn it on a little later though so the house will be cool when I go to bed. My bedroom is on the west side of the house so it gets pretty warm.


  1. Hi Kay, I guess when it's THIS hot, you HAVE to get up really early in order to get in a nice hike...The video sounds like a good idea.

    I keep reading about the heat in the west and in the deep south (Texas and Florida)... We however have been lucky so far this summer... It's cool here now... BUT--that makes me wonder what August will bring... ha

    Have a great day/weekend. Hope you enjoy(ed) my Steam Locomotive blog post today... I'm so passionate about trains since my Dad worked for the railroad.

  2. there are so many channels on the TV it's hard to keep track.


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