Friday, July 11, 2014

This Week Flew By

Watched a really cute movie on Netflix last night that I had never heard of. It was called “Heart And Souls” and it starred Robert Downey Jr., Kyra Sedgwick, Alfre Woodard and Charles Grodin.
We went to bed a little early because Hiker was still not feeling up to par. She was back to normal this morning. However, when Jean came over to our house for a play date with her 3 dogs and 4 dogs that she is taking care of for a few neighbors, Hiker became very intimidated. Instead of playing with the dogs, Hiker hid in the corner of the patio or on my lap. Now Hiker is NOT a lap dog. She NEVER sits on my lap. Once in awhile she will put her front feet on my lap and then pull herself up, but she never stays there for more than 10 seconds. Jean took a photo of Hiker on my lap with my iPhone because she was shocked that Hiker was on my lap.
After lunch, Hiker and I headed over to Todd Longshore Park to walk. Trouble is, that park doesn't have many trees and the ones that are there are not big enough to make much shade. So after doing about half a mile there, we got back into the car and headed up to Canyon Country Park where there are a lot of trees and shade, so we did another half mile or so. Not long walk at either park, but at least we got out.
Was a little cooler here today than it has been. Stayed under 90°.


  1. I wish I had your stamina. Hiker just loves you and didn't want any of the other dogs to get in your lap.LOL

  2. Cute shot of you and Hiker! Happy weekend!

  3. Hi There, Love that photo of you and Hiker.... SO--she's not a lapdog, huh???? ha.... Hope she is feeling okay tonight. Sounds like you two had a couple of good hikes. In the hot summer, it's best I think to take shorter hikes...


  4. Hiker looks so happy to cuddle. Love your summer flag.


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