Monday, July 7, 2014

Keith Went Home

We watched a really good movie on Netflix last night called “The Philadelphia Project”. Yes it was an old movie, but as I've said before, Ben and I never went to the theater, so all of these movies are “new” to me.
Went to bed earlier that we normally do when Keith is visiting because we had gotten up early on Sunday morning for our hike and we were getting up early this morning to go on a dog walk with Jean.
Had some breakfast after the walk and then Keith and I went up to Lowe's and Target.
I took Keith to Backwoods Inn today for lunch because his birthday is this Thursday and he won't be here then, so took him out today. Ben and I used to love Backwoods Inn but I will say that the last few times I have been there, I have been a little unhappy with the quality of the food. I'm wondering if they are getting their meats from a new distributor.
Keith headed home around 1 pm. He thought there might be a lot of traffic due to people coming back from their long weekend.

My brother Keith at lunch

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