Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Group Tuesday

The “floaters” in my eye are absorbing more and more each day. I'll be happy to wake up one morning and see that most of them are gone. I really doubt they will completely go away because floaters are a part of aging. However the main floater I have right now may go completely away because it was caused by the medication the injected into my eye.
I was able to drive over to the senior center for my support group today. Things are blurry when I drive, but I feel I can see well enough to drive around locally.
After group, we went to lunch at Cathy's Deli. Paul went with us again and we all told him that we did not want him to pay for all of our lunches, but once again he insisted that the waitress give the check to him. I decided to have breakfast for lunch (ham, eggs and hash browns) and when I got home, I felt a little sick.
Got up to about 102° here today. Wish it would cool down some again.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better. May have been the heat and meal making you feel a little nauseous.


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