Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hot Hump Day

Felt really tired yesterday. Went to bed around 10 pm and fell asleep pretty quickly. I seem to be sleeping a little better than I was.
Decided to stay in bed a little later this morning. Hiker kept wanting me to get up because she wanted her poached egg.
Went to do my grocery shopping at Stater Brothers after breakfast. Groceries prices must be on the rise again. This is the first time since Ben passed away that I have paid $100 on a grocery trip. I usually pay around $75 or so.
After putting my groceries away, I took down my outdoor July 4th decorations. Was getting really hot already. I was all sweaty by the time I got done.
Looking forward to watching the new TV show “Extant” tonight. Hope it's as good as the teasers show it to be.

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  1. Think it's interesting Hiker likes poached eggs.


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