Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hike In The Morning/Movie In The Afternnon

We watched “The Music Man” last night. Keith had never seen the entire movie and wanted to see it.
I noticed last evening that the fill valve in my toilet was leaking. Luckily I had two of them on hand and was able to replace the bad one, however, I woke up to a “drip, drip, drip” this morning around 4:30 am. It was not leaking from the bottom of the tank. The valve was not shutting off and the tank had filled with water up to where the flush handle was located and there was a small stream of water leaking out of the hole that the flush handle goes through and that water was running down the side of the tank into the bowl I had sitting under the toilet tank just in case there was a leak.
Since that valve would not shut of I was exchanging it with the other one I had at 4:30 am. At least the second one shuts off. So now I will have to go to Lowe's and buy a couple of spares for “just in case”.
Went back to bed around 5 am and then got up at 6 am so we could go for our hike before it got too hot outside. Drove over to Pico Canyon but when we got there, the gate was locked. The signs say they are open from sunrise to sunset. It was 6:45 am and past sunrise, but found out from my friend RuthAnne that they really don't unlock the gate until 7 am. We didn't know that, so we drove over to Towsley Canyon and hiked a little over 2 miles there.
I sure cannot hike as far as I used to when I was younger. A few years back I could do 4 or 5 miles. Now I'm lucky to get 2 miles in. The older I get, the more my feet give me problems. They hurt and I get blisters and I end up feeling like I'm walking with cement blocks at the end of my legs.
We headed back home and had some waffles for breakfast. After breakfast, Keith and I headed out do run a few errands then around noon we went over to Wienerschnitzel for lunch.
Came back home and watched “The Great Race” on Amazon Prime Instant Videos.

Me and Hiker


  1. Plumbing problems are so aggravating. I know you are glad to have your brother there hanging with you. I don't hike as far either now. Feel the same way you do. However, I did join the gym and can manage to do the mileage on treadmill and bike but if you put me in the real world, I could not do that. (The gym has HGTV, lol) mmmmm the Weinershnitzel place sounds good. I'm sure I spelled that wrong. lol

  2. Toilet troubles are always a pain. Seems you fix them, then something else goes wrong. LOVE the pic of you and Hiker and your brother's shadow taking it.


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