Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Already

Went to my support group today. We have this new woman (young girl actually) who has been coming now for three weeks. All we know about her is that her name is Mary. Every time our therapist asked her if she would like to say anything, she starts to cry. None of us know anything about her or why she is there. We assume she lost someone, but she just is not ready to share with us. We are all hoping that eventually she will feel at ease enough with us to tell her story.
After group, me, DeDee, Jane and Paul went to lunch at Red Robin. Paul just will not let us pay for our own lunch. Every time he goes with us, he insists on picking up the entire tab. We've told him that we appreciate him wanting to treat us to lunch, but that we feel we should all pay for our own, but he just won't hear it.
When Hiker and I got up this morning, it was extremely foggy outside. It got up to about 93° but stayed hazy all day due to the humidity in the air. We used to never have humidity here in southern California.
I'm beginning to think that when I leave Hiker at home when I have to go somewhere that she cannot go with me that she stays in the exact same spot she is in when I leave. When I first got her, she would always meet me at the door when I'd come home from somewhere, but now I walk in and she is always by the window in the dining area, which is exactly where she was when I left home. She does not move until I call her name, then she crawls up to me on her belly like she has been bad. She doesn't potty in the house and she doesn't tear things up, so I know she hasn't been bad, so all I can think is that she thinks when I leave her alone that she is being punished. I sure hope that is not the case. I always hug her and give her treats when I get home and tell her she was a good girl.

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  1. Poor Hiker, sad about being alone. My cats react in a similar way. I hope the young lady at your meetings will be able to open up soon to tell you her story. Grief can eat a person alive.


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