Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hump Day

Out of bed at 6:45 am and out for our morning walk at 7 am. Didn't have the fog this morning that we had yesterday morning, but it did feel a little humid. We used to never have humidity in SoCal. We were always known for our “dry heat”.
Went over to Sam's Club to pick up a few things that I was running low on. Tomorrow I want to go get my car washed first thing in the morning. If I go before 10 am I get the “Early Bird Special” which is a full car wash (windows/vacuuming/etc.) for $8.99 and then I give the guy who dries it a couple of dollars.
Watched the Dodgers/Indians game this afternoon. Have not watched much baseball since Ben died. He used to watch every Dodger game that was on TV.
Got up to 93° here today.

Took this on our morning walk

The front of my house 

My back yard. The grass is not doing too well.


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  1. Hiker's selfie is sweet. Like your decorations for the fourth. WOW that is great your car wash includes windows and vacuuming. What a bargain at $8.99.


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