Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back To Normal

Watched “Major Crimes” and “Under The Dome” last night. Was really sleepy when I went to bed and I actually fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow at 11 pm. Got up around 7 am this morning to get ready to go over to the senior center for my support group. Usual people were there. They young woman who has not spoken did not show up today. Edwin would not stop talking today. We all wanted to gag him.
Went to lunch with DeDee, Jane, Linda and Paul, and once again, Paul insisted on buying our lunches. We keep telling him that we do NOT expect him to do that. That he is not obligated to do so. We ate at Dario's Mexican Restaurant.
Was in the mid 90s today but was not as humid. There was actually stiff breeze that almost felt “cool”, as if it was coming in off the ocean.
Hiker was happy when I got home. I noticed she was in her “soft” kennel and when she saw me, she came running as fast as she could and started kissing me.

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