Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hot, Hot Day

We stayed outside on my patio last night until around 10 pm. It was still hot and humid at that time of night. People were shooting off fireworks all around us even though they are illegal. Hiker hid in the house in the corner of the bedroom.
I was surprised that Keith was up a little after 7 am. Heard him rummaging around in the kitchen. I know he slept in the living room for awhile last night because there was a party across the street and he said he could not sleep in the bedroom until it quieted down.
We sat around the house all morning as I was waiting for my gardener to show up to mow my lawn. It is the week that I pay him, so we couldn't go anywhere until he showed up, By noon he had not shown up so I assumed that he took the holiday weekend off and Keith and I headed out for lunch at Del Taco then went by Sam's Club on the way home.
It was so hot and humid outside that it was hardly bearable. Don't know if we will sit outside tonight because last night the bugs were eating us up. Never had that problem in SoCal until we started getting the humidity.
We came back by the house to check on Hiker and then Keith wanted to go over to Big Lots, the came back home to settle into the cool A/C.
Getting up early tomorrow morning (6 am) to head over to Pico Canyon for a hike before it gets too hot.
I'm going to make us some salmon fillets and rice pilaf for dinner tonight.

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  1. Sounds like a nice visit with your brother. Hiker looks so sweet.


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