Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Friday!

My cell phone started ringing at 2:30 am. It showed nothing but “106” in the caller ID so naturally I ignored it. I didn’t fall back to sleep until around 5 am and when my alarm went off at 6 am I was jolted awake. I actually thought it was my phone ringing and I picked it up and said “hello” but then realized it had been the alarm. I had been dreaming that I was working in some big office building and I had taken Hiker to work with me and she was running around the building somewhere and I was asking everyone if they had seen her.
Did our dog walk with Jean and while we were out, we met one of our neighbors (Shelly) who lives up the hill from us. We had never met her before, but we knew about her dog Toby who is a Red Healer (Queensland Healer). Jean had met Toby when Shelly’s neighbor was dog sitting, and everyone had been telling me about him because he is the same breed as Hiker. He is still a puppy, so Hiker was a little taken back by him as he is so full of energy. But then Hiker is always shy when she first meets other dogs. I’m hoping she will be able to get to know Toby and start to play with him.
It was 38° when we were out walking and there was ice on roofs and plants.
I had a $10 gift certificate from Kohl’s for my birthday, so I decided to go up to Kohl’s and look around. After spending about 40 minutes in the store wandering around, I could not really find anything, so I just bought some socks. I can always use socks. Plus they were a good deal. If you bought one package of 3 pair, you got the second package of 3 pair and half price, plus my $10 off, so I did pretty good. 


  1. Great deal on the socks. Enjoy them. I hope Toby and Hiker will become good friends.


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