Saturday, January 24, 2015

Calm Saturday

Stayed in bed until 8 am this morning. Got up, made waffles for breakfast then started my laundry.
The mowers showed up around 11 am. After they were done, Hiker asked me if she could go over to Jean’s house and meet Schnorkie (LOL). Actually I decided to take her over and introduce them. Jean said she figured I’d show up sometime today.
Anyway, Schnorkie seemed interested in Hiker but Hiker wanted nothing to do with him. She is so shy now when she meets new dogs. She used to not be that way. Jean said she had called New Leash On Life because she thought Schnorkie’s body felt warm and she was thinking he might have a temperature, but they told her as long as he is eating and going potty with no problem and as long as he is not lethargic, not to worry, that some dogs just feel warming than others. Plus his hair is so short and thin that you can feel his body warmth more. His nose didn’t feel hot and he was playful, so I think he is OK.
I could see that he has already created a bond with Jean and her dogs seem to get along with him really well. He and Sassy were playing when we got there.
The weather was beautiful here all day. It was 80° and sunny, but there was a strong wind most of the day. The wind blew hard all night long. We are supposed to get some rain next week.
Hiker and I were out on the patio for a while. I noticed that when we first went out, Hiker had jumped off the steps and ran across the yard and she yipped, the she was limping. I think she just twisted her ankle like we do because I made her “walk it off” and now she seems fine.

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  1. I'm going to steal some of your sunshine and warm temps. Expecting 5 inches of snow tomorrow. Hope Hiker's paw is feeling better and there was no significant injury. Glad Snorkie is home and happy with the new family.


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