Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spent The Day At Grief Group

Went to my grief support group today. Started out with only 4 of us there plus our leader, then a few more people came in. Seems like after the first of the New Year is always when we get new people. Today we got a woman who had just lost her son and a man who lost his son 5 years ago and then just recently lost his wife.
Since my birthday is this Saturday, one of our members (Linda) brought homemade cupcakes. She is our little baker. She has brought us cookies and other items throughout last year. THANK YOU LINDA! I took a few of them up to my neighbor Jean after I got home.
After group, DeDee, Linda, Jane and I went to Sizzler for lunch. DeDee bought my lunch. THANK YOU DEDEE! As usual, we gabbed and acted like teenagers. Always fun with those ladies.
Came home to find Hiker in her portable soft-sided crate. She acted like she didn’t want to come out. I finally coaxed her out by offering her some treats. Sometimes she acts like when I leave her at home alone for a long time that she is being punished. Must be some memory of when someone else owned her before I came into her life.
Pretty day here today. Got into the low 70’s.

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  1. How exciting that someone baked you some cupcakes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, in advance.


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