Sunday, January 25, 2015

Normal Sunday

Had a rough night last night for some reason. The wind was howling outside all night long and I was having the strangest dreams. I remember having three main dreams, even though I don’t remember what they were about, and they seemed to run from one dream to the next. I woke up around 3 am and remember thinking how strange the dreams were, but when I woke up again at 6 am to let Hiker outside, I didn’t remember any details about the dreams.
After Hiker came back in, we went back to bed because I felt exhausted. They were the kind of dreams that actually make you feel physically tired. So I fell back to sleep until Hiker woke me up again just before 8 am.
Washed my sheets and towels and watched TV most of the day.
The wind continued to howl all day and I noticed that it was scaring Hiker some. Not as bad as thunder does though.
It was in the low 80’s and very sunny most of the day but around 2:30 pm the wind started to die down and we started getting cloudy. We may have rain on Tuesday.
I spend an hour exercising with my Wii Sports.

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  1. Some dreams can be quite disconcerting even if we can't remember them. Glad you were able to get some extra sleep.


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