Thursday, January 22, 2015

Housework YUCK!

Busy morning.
Had breakfast and then went to get my Lottery tickets. Came home and “updated” my earthquake emergency kit. Always check out the dates on the food I have in it and on anything like pain relievers, etc.
Mopped my floors and ran my weekly scans on both of my laptops, then I washed all of my throw rugs and bath mats.
Took a break to have lunch and watch “Young & Restless” then got back to work by vacuuming the entire house.
Was sunny and in the low 70’s here with high, thin clouds.


  1. i hate housework too. It I suppose is a necessary evil. Y&R is getting interesting with Adam. And then there is the Phyllis/Kelly mystery.

  2. I get my housework done early so I can be lazy the rest of the day. Or sew lol


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