Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Has Summer Returned?

Took my car over to the carwash this morning. It was dirty from one of the rain storms we had, so now that the weather was warmer, I wanted to get it cleaned.
When I got back home around 9:30 am it was already 70° on my patio and the wind was blowing. Felt like Santa Ana Winds because they were very warm.
Didn’t do much until after lunch when I took Hiker over to Bridgeport Lake for a nice afternoon walk. Actually it was a little too warm. It was like 82° at 1 pm. I still need to get back into shape. My legs and feet we killing me by the time I we got back to the car.
As we were getting into the car, Jean called me to ask if I would go over to New Lease On Life with her on Saturday. I had told her about two dogs they had up for adoption. They are Tink (a King Charles Cavalier) and Abby (a Terrier). They are both female and both are around 2 years old. Abby was adopted in 2012 and then Tink was adopted by the same family in 2013, but the family fell on hard times and had to return Abby and Tink as the dogs had been together for a year and they did not want to separate them. NLOL obliged and now they want to place the 2 girls together in a new forever home. Jean has been thinking about getting another dog since Timmy died, and I had passed a video of these 2 to her before Christmas. She decided to put in paperwork saying she was interested, so she got a call today for her to bring Charlie and Sassy over to meet their possible new sisters.
Tomorrow morning, I have to take Hiker over to Tags Clinic and get her rattlesnake booster shot.

Below is a photo of Tink and Abby...the 2 dogs that my neighbor Jean might adopt.


  1. How cute they are.
    No summer here it is very cold.

  2. I'll take your 82 in a heartbeat. High here was 9. Tink and Abby look like real sweethearts. I hope things work out. LOVE the photos.

  3. It is supposed to be 0 degrees tonight in Missouri. I can hardly believe you hit 82 today!!! I don't think I will be walking my dogs in the morning!


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