Friday, January 9, 2015

My Latest Eye Injection

Got up at 6 am to be ready for a dog walk with Jean at 7:30 am. It was dark and cloudy out. The morning news was saying there was a chance of rain later today.
Hiker and I met Jean with her two dogs and the two dogs of our neighbor Charlene for our walk. Ebony, the neighbor’s dog, didn’t seem to want to walk this morning, so we didn’t do our normal route and just did a shorter walk around the community. Jean was grooming both Ebony and Rocky today before she and I went to lunch and then over to Kaiser for my eye injection.
So Jean and I went to lunch and then over to Kaiser. Today was my first time using my Kaiser Medicare Plan. It was nice paying $30 less for my specialist co-pay. I thought my B/P would be up due to the fact that the doctor told me he’d be using a larger needle this time, but it was not up as bad as I thought.
The injection wasn’t really any more painful than the other ones. Mostly just feel the pressure of the needle, but now that I am home, my eye is starting to burn a little. They told me that was normal because they had used an iodine solution to sterilize the surface of my eye before the injection, and now that the numbness is wearing off, I’m starting to feel it some. They said my eye may be redder from this injection and that it may water some.
I now have a small pellet floating around in my eye. I cannot see it yet because I am still wearing the patch that they told me to keep on longer than with the other injections. The doctor said I may see what he called a “small submarine” floating around in my eye for a while.
I don’t have to go back now for at least 6 weeks. Before it was every 4 weeks.The scheduler will call me.

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  1. I'm hoping that “small submarine” floating around in your eye will not hinder you too much if it shows up. Take care of yourself.


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