Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Neighbor Jean Is Adopting A New Dog

Hiker and I got up early this morning because Jean was coming by at 8:30 am for me to go up to New Leash On Life with her so she could have her two dogs mingle with the two dogs she was thinking about adopting. It went well for a while, but then Abby, one of the adoptable dogs, snapped at one of Jean’s dogs. Abby is a very sweet girl but she is very “alpha” and very protective of her sister “Tink” who would also be adopted with her. We found out that another couple has shown interest in Abby and Tink so Jean decided to let them have those two dogs, but then she met a little guy named Grisham. He is a Schnauzer/Yorkie mix and he got along really well with Jean’s Charlie and Sassy, so Jean has decided to adopt him. She wants to change his name to “Schnorkie” and we are going back to pick him up on Friday.
The ladies at the shelter were so pleased and they totally understood why Jean had changed her mind about Tink and Abby and totally agreed with her decision.
So then Jean and I drove up to Agua Dulce to the Sweet Water Café to meet my longtime friend Judy for lunch. I had been to this café before but they had not. The food was really good. Agua Dulce is a tiny “country town”. Next door to the café is a little antique shop, so after we ate, the three of us went in and looked around.
Was really a fun day and the weather was beautiful. Clear, blue sky with a little breeze and about 75°.

Here are some photos of "Schnorkie" that I found on the New Leash On Life's website:

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  1. "Schnorkie" looks like quite a character. Think he's cute.


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