Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gray Day

Hiker and I were up at 7 am. I had to run all of the weekly scans on my laptops.
After breakfast, I finished the scans and watched some TV.
My neighbor Jean and her friend Shelly picked me up around 12:30. They both had to go over to the Castaic Animal Control office and get licenses for their dogs. They were also going out for lunch so the invited me to come along. While they were doing that, I was looking at the literature they had on the table in the lobby and I picked up a card for New Leash On Life and it has Hiker’s picture on it, so naturally, I had to take one.
We stopped by a place called Tri-Tipps for lunch. It’s just a fast-food place, but it was pretty good. They sell burgers, salads and tri-tip sandwiches. They were crowded when we got there, so even though it was gray and gloomy outside, we had to sit outside to eat our lunch. It wasn’t really cold, but a little breezy.
When I got home, Hiker was smelling me all over. I don’t know why because I was not near any other dogs.

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  1. Hiker knew you had been out in the car on a great adventure.


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