Monday, June 1, 2009

All Around This Wonderful World We Live In

OK, I don't usually get "political" when I post to my blog, but today, I just felt like I had something to say.
I belong to a web community called "Not Over The Hill". It was originally for people aged 40+ but they do allow younger people to join if they abide by the rules. I have made many friends at this community, people from all over this "Wonderful World We Live In".
Today I learned something that I never knew from my NOTH friend "Kiwibarb". I found out that in New Zealand, they do not have snakes, hummingbirds or squirrels. This really amazes me. I guess we tend to think that what we have, all the other countries have too. Actually that is kind of a dumb thing for me to say since America does not have elephants native to our country. We don't have hippos native to our country. But I guess because I've seen them at the zoo, I forget that they were not here before someone brought them here.
It is so fantastic that due to the Internet, we can meet people all around the world, become friends and communicate with them on a daily basis. We come to realize that no matter where someone lives, they are people just like us. They have families and jobs. They go shopping and to the movies and do all the same things we do. We may not all speak the same language, but that doesn't matter. We all think and feel.
Maybe if ordinary people like us ran the governments of the different countries, maybe there would not be war and hatred.
Think about it.


  1. I didn't know that either, that New Zealand doesn't have snakes, hummingbirds or squirrels. It sure is wonderful that we can talk to people around the globe, learn about each other and see how much we have in common.


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