Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well today we are having some work done on the outside of our house. There was some woodwork that needed repairing and then the exterior of the house needs to be painted. We live in a gated community and have a "construction" office on the premises, which is great because they do all kinds of work....painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.
I was a little afraid they would not show up because of the weather. It is all cloudy and gray outside and they are predicting showers, but they showed up at 7:30 AM and started right to work.
I know they won't be able to do any painting today with this kind of weather, but at least the woodwork repair will be complete (hopefully if it does not rain) and then they will be able to do the painting when the weather is better.
Only thing is I'll have to stay home and probably inside all day and put up with the noise from the hammering and the power tools.


  1. Maybe it won't take too long to get it all done.

  2. I hope you get nice weather soon so they can get the painting done. Have a great weekend, Sheila


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