Saturday, June 13, 2009

Annual Yard Sale Day

Today was our community's annual yard sale. Since we are a gated community, they do not allow people to have individual yard sales during the year, so every June, they open up the gates and let everyone who lives here have a sale if they want.
We have never participated in the 15 years we have lived here. We usually give our unwanted items to Goodwill or Salvation Army.
Let me tell you that people come from all over the valley for this annual sale. From what I've heard, years ago, before we moved here, they yard sales really drew the crowds.
This morning the streets were so crowded with people and cars that you could have gotten out if you had too. So needless to say, we just stayed in the house and watch a movie on HBO.
We watched "Hollywoodland", the story about the death of George (Superman) Reeves. Actually, the movies was NOT as good as I had expected.

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  1. In recent years, we have donated most of our unwanted items also. Sounds like you really had a traffic jam in your community.


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