Friday, June 12, 2009

June Gloom

I really hate hot weather, and I'm glad we are having cool weather right now, but I am sure wishing the sun would peek through some. We have NOT had any sunshine for over a week! Makes me want to just stay in the house and hibernate.
So did everyone make it through the Digital TV Transition ok?


  1. Hi Kay, It's really hot/muggy in GA too. We have bad thunderstorms each evening. Not only do the storms scare the cats and dog, they prevent me from getting out in the flower beds! Scattered showers expected during the weekend. Thankfully, a blog friend from WA passed along some paperback books to me, so I can listen to the rain while I read.

  2. our weather here in Wi is so cool and rainy lately... we haven't had to use the air conditioner at all yet. I suppose when the heat comes it will really surprise us... hope we both get some sunshine anyway

  3. HI
    Am from sunny Malaysia. It hot and humid here so I guess it will not suit you.I don't like it when it rains too much tho'.


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