Monday, June 8, 2009

No Workers Today?

Monday morning. Got up around 7:15 AM for Ben to get ready for work. The truck the work crew had left in front of our house was gone so we did not know if they came and got it or if someone had stolen it.
7:30 AM, I was getting ready to go for a morning walk when the same truck pulls up in front of the house, so I assumed they were here to finish the trim on the house. The worker went into the back yard, got one of the ladders they left behind yesterday, put it in his truck and left. The other 3 ladders and the paint sprayer are still in our back yard.
8:00 AM, noticed that the entire work crew that had been here for the past 2 days was not over at another house in our gated community ripping the roof off the house. So I'm guessing they won't show up here today to work. Maybe they really have to make sure the paint on the siding is dry before they start putting ladders up against it to paint the trim.
Guess I could call the construction office and ask when they are going to come back to finish, but I really hate being a pushy person. It's just not me. Ben kept saying I should call if they did not show up by 9:00 AM, but I keep feeling I should give them another day before I call.
9:00 AM, went over to Michael's Craft Store. Had not been there for awhile and wanted to pickup some beading supplies.

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