Monday, June 15, 2009

Wasted Day

Got up this morning and sent Ben off to work then proceeded to do some housework. As I've mentioned before, I don't go for my morning walks on days I plan to do housework because if I get outside and then come back to face the housework, I can usually talk myself out of doing it (LOL).
After I finished with my work, I thought "I think I'll head on over to Bridgeport and walk around the lake path". I then went into the bathroom to use my electric hair dryer and it didn't work! At first I thought it was the dryer, so I tested it on another outlet in another room and it worked. Then I noticed the GFI button on the bathroom outlet had popped out. I went to the garage to check the breakers and they looked OK, but I could not get the button to stay on.
Then I remembered.....the person who lived in our house before us "thought" he was an electrician. He strung wires that go to nothing and added useless switches and outlets all around the place. He had put an electrical outlet on the outside of the house near the patio. Guess he used it for power tools outside or something. Anyway, we have never used it because every time we did, it would pop the GFI button in the master bathroom.
Well, when the work crew was here last week, they replaced the siding panel that this outlet is in before they painted our house as the siding was starting to rot. I guess the guy didn't caulk around the outlet door or something because this morning when the sprinklers came on, the outlet got wet and that's the reason the GFI button popped. After the outdoor outlet dried, the outlets in the bathroom were working again.
But I cannot have this happen every time the sprinklers water the lawn!
I called the supervisor down at the construction office and told him about the outlet. I had mentioned to him before that it popped the breaker every time we used it and it was useless. Anyway, he said that he'd send one of his guys over sometime today to take a look at it and either exchange the outlet or just disconnect it. That was over 6 hours ago and no one has shown up yet. Maybe they have to wait until their regular shift is over like they did with the painting. I've just been sitting here all day waiting, so needless to say, I never got to go for my walk.
Now I'm wondering. If they disconnect the outlet, will that keep the outlets in the bathroom from working since they are hooked up to it for the GFI?
It's always something.


  1. Surely it will get better soon!!! Sorry for all the waiting and wasted time.

  2. Wow...glad you figured out what happened. I'd have never figured it out. ha.

    Hey I posted "Bob's Story" this morning. And why our lady cat is called Bob. lol.

    Have a good day.


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