Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunny At Last

Well the sun actually made an appearance today. I went out for my morning walk and it was really nice.
My friend Karren called to let us know that her husband Wally has gotten a clean bill of health after having his prostate removed because of cancer. They said they caught it so early that the tumor was completely contained in the prostate and all of his tests show that he is cancer-free.
He is now recuperating at home.
They are hoping to take their 5th wheel up to Eureka, CA again this summer as they did last year to escape the heat of SoCal and this time, we may go up and meet them there and spend 6 or 7 days in the KOA Kabins where they stay. I'm trying to get some information on the price of the Kabins and what the accommodations are.


  1. Such good news about Wally. I hope you get to join Wally and Karren for a few days of vacation.

  2. Hi Kay - thanks for stopping by this morning! Good to meet you! In answer to your question - No, my pickles are not Aunt Bea's - but thanks for the compliment! They are my Mamaw's pickles. In my early 20's I spent some time with her learning all kinds of good stuff, gardening, quilting and most especially cooking and canning! It was one of the best times with her and I will treasure it always! I hope you have a wonderful week and you get to go on your trip and get out of the heat!


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