Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Today we went up to the cemeteries where our dad's are buried. My dad is in Sylmar, CA at Glen Haven Memorial Park and Ben's dad in Glendale, CA at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park.
Ben and I don't have children, so the only way we celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day is by taking flowers to the cemetery.
Was a little warmer here today. Started out very cloudy this morning but burned off quickly. It's in the low 90's and they are saying we will be in the 100's by middle week.


  1. Your temps are like ours. For the most part, we are staying inside. Nalley and I don't have children either and his mom is the only living parent. She's about a 7 hr. drive away, so we had a quiet day too. Try to stay cool.

  2. Happy memories to you and your husband on Father's Day.
    Sorry , I missed your comment on my blog.Was stuck with problems on the internet and I 'm hopeless at troubleshooting. Took a long time to post my latest too.
    Have a pleasant day!

  3. Nice that you were able to visit the two father's graves. We weren't able to do that as it was cattle working day.

  4. That's great you went to see your dads on Father's Day. One of which was my dad too!! :-)
    We had a nice day. Went out for Italian food and opened some gifts.


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