Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm blogging to you this evening from Visalia, CA. I'm sitting in our room at the Super8 Motel just off Hwy. 198. We got here around 10:00 AM and drove straight up to the Sequoia National Park. Boy, I sure did NOT like that little 2-lane windy road that took us up into the Sierras. The views were beautiful though. The Kaweah river was really pretty. We drove up to the 6000 foot elevation where the General Sherman Redwood is. Boy, it's way back in the hills and we had to hike down about a half mile to see it. I did fine because I walk and hike all the time, but Ben was huffing and puffing and his legs were hurting him. Anyway, we turned around and started back down the tiny windy road after that because we were getting very low on gasoline and the clouds were coming in and it was getting cold and looked like it might start to rain. In the morning we are going to a town called Exeter, CA where they are supposed have a bunch of murals all over town. Sounds like an interesting site-seeing place. Then we'll head back down south and home.


  1. I work for the NC State Parks and we heard that CA is thinking of closing 220 of their state parks.....is this for real?

    Enjoy your trip......LindaMay

  2. Yes that is true about them saying they might close 220 state parks because our economy is so bad. I'm hoping it does not happen.
    However, THIS park is a NATIONAL PARK so it would not be closed down.


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