Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Gloomy Day

I just got back from picking up my medications over at the Kaiser Pharmacy. It is so gloomy outside, I just do not feel like doing anything but staying inside either watching TV or messing around on my computer. I love the cool weather, but I'd like a little sunshine too. This "June Gloom" really brings me down.
The painters should be back this afternoon to finish up the job. I found out that they do these "odd" jobs like painting houses, etc. on their own time and that is why the worked Saturday and Sunday and do not show up on week days until their normal work shift is over.
The house they are re-roofing during the normal work shift belongs to the owner of the land that all of our homes sit on. I don't think I ever mentioned that my gated community is made up of 400 manufactured homes that sit on foundations and are on leased land. We own our homes, but not the land they sit on. We are not a mobile home park as our homes cannot be moved since they are on foundations. Most people who come into our community don't eve realize that these homes were not build on-site. Anyway, so many people have walked out away from their mortgages and left the homes empty that the owner of the land has bought several of them back from the bank and is fixing them up to sell later when the economy gets better. At least they don't end up with squatters in them and they don't look like abandoned homes.
We bought our home 15 years ago for $84,000.00. Four years ago, they were selling for $250,000.00 and I kept thinking how stupid people were for paying that amount of money when they didn't own the land. Well, those are the people who ended up having to walk out of their home.
The only regret that I have is that our community is NOT a "senior community". It would be so much nicer if it was.

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