Thursday, May 26, 2011


OK, everyone on Ben's prayer team, we need you to go into prayer mode again and also Praise God mode. I think maybe one of our major prayers is being answered. I've been praying that that God would bring us a doctor who would be more aggressive and maybe find what is wrong with Ben and "fix" it, even though so many other doctors have told us that there was nothing to "fix". I mentioned Dr. Manek in today's update and told you all what he said about " that if Ben's Ileus is not healing, that he feels they have not done their job". Well he called me back again awhile ago. He told me that he had been talking with one of the surgeons and they have decided to do another Cat Scan on Ben's belly. He knows that they did one 3 weeks ago and it showed nothing, but he is saying the same thing that Dr. Shantha has been saying all along, that something has to be wrong because this problem should not be continuing this long after the original surgery. He said he is thinking that there may be a very small blockage somewhere because he hears bowels sounds in Ben's belly but that they are high-pitched sounds and that usually means some kind of blockage somewhere. He told me he will have his surgeon look at the Cat Scan and hopefully they will see something this time. If they can find something wrong, they should be able to fix it. I asked him about doing surgery again because the other doctors had told me that Ben was not a candidate for surgery because he was so weak and on the ventilator. Dr. Manek says since they now have Ben off the vent, that they can get him stabilized for surgery and that it would probably be a laposcopic surgery which is more non-invasive. Dr. Manek told me that he is not one to just sit back and wait to see if the patient heals on their own. He told me he is not one to give up. I thanked him for that and for being aggressive when so many other doctors would not be. He asked me if I was 100% behind him and I told him YES!


  1. Remembering you both...and the doctors in our prayers here! Sounds like this doctor is who you've been looking for!

  2. Such good news that someone is listening now. you can count on my prayers and praises.

  3. Very good news.So happy for you both.

  4. Ditto to what Paula says. Helen


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