Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ben's Update - Not A Good One 05/13/2011

Not a good day. Ben was sent back to Kaiser ER because his stomach has gotten huge again and is getting hard again. Doctor at All Saints pretty much said until Kaiser can figure out what the problem is, she does not want them to send him back because they cannot help him to get well in this condition. She feels there is another blockage in his intestines. Kaiser ER doctors insist there isn't because they took x-rays tonight and looked at his last Cat Scan and said neither shows a blockage and it is way too risky to do exploratory surgery on him because they feel he might not survive it in his condition. They are going to try a drug that supposedly "kick starts" the intestines because they feel that they are still not working as they should. But the are still grasping at straws. At first Ben wanted me to spend the night at the hospital with him. He said he'd be more comfortable with me there with him, but then when he saw me trying to sleep in a chair, he told me to go home. I kept asking him over and over if he wanted me to stay and first he'd say yes, but then turn right around and say, "but go home". I didn't know what to do. Finally he said "Just go home because he'll sleep better and you have things to do there". I told him I would NOT sleep at all tonight which I know is true because it is now midnight and I'm still wide awake. But I finally gave in a left to come home and he told me to drive very carefully and told me he loved me very much. I gave him a kiss and told him I love him very much too.

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  1. I pray that they find out what is wrong with Ben's stomach and can get it fixed right up.


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