Sunday, May 8, 2011

Short Sunday Update For Ben

I only spent 2 hours with Ben today. At the hospital I would stay for 5 hours on Sundays because he was in a private room, but at All Saints, there are 3 people in each room and the place is very busy and very noisy, so I don't stay long now days. Ben was a little more calm today. They had reinserted his NG Tube. The charge nurse spoke with me about him pulling it out and I told her that I really do not think he does it on purpose because he is the kind of person who would admit it if he was doing it on purpose. I talked with him about not even thinking about "What are we going to do if I don't get well?" because this is NOT an option. I told him that once he gets working with the physical therapists that he will up on his feet in no time. He nodded in agreement, so I hope he is finally "getting it".

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