Friday, May 6, 2011

Generic Friday Update For Ben

Had my Caregivers Support Group today so didn't get over to see Ben until afternoon. Was with him for about an hour. He was able to communicate some, but still having trouble talking. Today I realized how scared he really is. I told him that one day he will be well and come home. He said "I don't know". When I said "what do you mean by that?" he said "We don't know what is really going to happen". He told me that he did not mean to pull out the NG Tube last night. I believe him because I notice that when he scratches an itch on his nose or cheek that sometimes his hand comes very close to the tube so I think he accidentally pulled out last night. His nurse today told me that he is a very good patient, so I think he is trying as hard a possible to cooperate with them.


  1. Bless Ben's heart. I'm sure he is getting so tired of all this. I'm glad you have a support group to go to. When I was widowed that was a help to me.

  2. When my Bennie was in the hospital it was no accident when he pulled out the tube. He told them he sneezed and it just came out and said they will not put it back. He was getting so much better the doctor said he would have taken it out in a day or two any way.


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