Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kaiser Doctor Just Called

Dr. Vas called me at about 2:20 PM. He said that he finally got hold of Dr. Shantha and that he and she are finally on the same page. He intends to keep Ben at Kaiser 2 to 3 more days to watch if he improves (Dr. Hu will be overseeing this). They want to give Ben another ultrasound to make sure that most of the fluids have been drained through the NG and to see if they may need to do another paracentesis before they return him to All Saints. He said they are hoping that some of the swelling in his belly will go down and that he will have some BMs before he goes back, but that is NOT required for Dr. Shantha to take him back. He said that she understands now that there is no blockage and that they have had 2 surgeons look at the x-rays to confirm that.


  1. Glad that things are sounding better, Still remembering you two in prayers. Helen

  2. That is good news...I've been hung up as my MIL just passed away, but I read your updates quickly every day. God Bless...


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