Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Later Tuesday Update For Ben

I was waiting for Linda to come back so she and I could go for a walk and just before we left, I got a call from Dr. Manek. He had just gone to speak with one of the Dr. Zweiban (GI Doctor) about me asking for them to give Ben another colonoscopy. Before he said anything, the Dr. Zweiban said he had an idea. He said that since the Barium still had not gotten down into Ben's lower digestive tract that he could do a sigmoidoscopy which ONLY goes into the lower part of the colon and check to see if he saw anything in that area. They are planning to do it tomorrow morning in Ben's room. They said I could be there if I wanted, but I cannot get there before 9:30 AM because of the traffic and I'm not sure what time they are doing it, but maybe by the time I get there, they can tell me if they found anything. Let's hope they do.

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  1. Hope this new development shows something and they can fix it.


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