Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Update For Ben

Ben was doing well today. They put the hand mittens back on him because they say he is still trying to pull out his NG Tube. His doctor called me earlier before I went over to see him saying that she felt he was a little confused, so she was going to give him Haldol which is supposed to help patients not be so confused. She said it will not make him drowsy and will not keep him from doing his physical therapy. She said she is giving him a very low dosage. She also said that she is going to continue giving him TPN at this time, plus the IV lipids/proteins. He still has no voice. He was watching Rory's TV when we came in and the nurses were just finishing cleaning him up and repositioning him in his bed. His belly is still distended, but neither Linda nor I thought it looked like it was any bigger than it has been. To us it appears that the size of it is staying about the same now and it remains soft, so Dr. Shantha said she does not think there are any excess fluids in there, just gas. Linda was telling Ben that she has been hired part time to be a Sam's Club greeter. Today was a pretty good day.


  1. Wishing him continued progress, it sounds like he's turned a corner.
    You must be wore out, take care of yourself.

  2. Sounds like another pretty good day. Hope they will come more and more often.


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