Thursday, May 5, 2011

Generic Thursday Update For Ben

Ben was very agitated today. I don't think he likes being at All Saints. He seems more agitated there than he does at the hospital. I keep telling him that this is where he needs to be before he can ever come home. He still does not have his voice and he gets so mad when I cannot understand him. It really frustrates me too. Don't know how much I can take of him doing nothing but telling the nurses that he wants out of that place and being mad at them and me all the time.

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  1. Oh Kay I can relate to this from when Mel had a stroke. One day I had worked all day and was cleaning up the supper dishes, he looked down at the floor and said you didn't sweep the floor today. The flood of tears that had been backed up came full force. I locked my self in the bath room and cried and cried. When I came out he didn't say anything but he never made a remark after that. See not only was I taking care of him I was taking his mother and mentally retarded brother to all their appointments and taking them to buy groceries every week. Not making light of your situation, just brought back memories. Take care of yourself.


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