Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Update For Ben

Ben is being weaned from the ventilator. Last night they put him on the Aeromist and turned off the ventilator, so he is breathing totally on his own! This is a major step to get him closer to coming home. Today his belly did not look like it had gotten any bigger and it is still soft, so I'm hoping the Lasix is helping to keep it under control. Dr. Kim spoke with Dr. Shantha and told her how well Ben was doing on the weaning and he said she was very surprised. They agreed to take it one day at a time to decide if and when he would be returning to All Saints, which I think is a very good idea right now while he is weaning.


  1. Good to hear some good news. Don't forget to take care of Kay.

  2. That is good news.


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