Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ben's Thursday Update

A better day today. Ben was more alert this morning. He told me when I first got there that he had thrown up when I asked him how he was doing. He threw up again right after I got there. They don't know if it's because of the drug they gave him or if it's that he is not tolerating his feeding. They told me they are still monitoring his feeding very closely to see if that's the problem and his nurse Evelyn gave him something to calm his stomach. He had his voice today and he was asking what time it was and some other things. He told me his bottom was sore so I told him about the sore he had. He wanted to know how big it was. The physical therapists came in around 10:15 AM and worked with him for 30 minutes. They did his leg and arm exercises and sat him up on the edge of the bed and held him there for 5 minutes. They said that is their starting goal and each day the will try to sit him up longer. They make him count with them as he is doing his exercises and he and Dave (one of the PTs) noticed that once when they were working on one of his arms Ben said "aye carumba" like Bart Simpson. After that, Ben and Dave were joking with each other about The Simpsons. When they were done working with him, he was so pooped he fell to sleep. Before they had gotten there to work with him, he had wanted to be repositioned in his bed, so when they sat him up on the edge of the bed he said "no this is a good position". They were coming in to give him either a bed bath or a shower, don't know which, but I decided I'd leave and let them do their thing.

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