Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodbye June

I cannot believe that 2014 is half over.
Up at 6 am...out with Jean for dog walk at 7 am...breakfast at 9 am...Wal-Mart at 10 am.
Already hot by the time I went to Wal-Mart. 80° on my patio and my A/C came on around 10:45 am.
After I put all of my purchases away, I prepared a jug of water and tea bags to put out on the patio to make some sun tea. Also put my American Flag out on the porch to fly since this Friday is July 4th.
Going to be a busy week. Have my support group on Tuesday, have to do some shopping at Sam's Club on Wednesday. Want to get my car washed on Thursday and also have to do a little grocery shopping. My brother Keith will be coming on Friday morning to spend the holiday weekend with me and Hiker.
I was so mad when the president broke in on the news right in the middle of “The Young And The Restless”. I didn't want to hear about the illegal children that are crossing the border. Just send them back.
After lunch, I vacuumed the house and mopped the kitchen floor, then paid a couple of bills.
Got up to 95° here today. Only had one day that was over 100° in June.

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  1. If you get the TV Guide channel you can probably catch Y&R in it's entirety tonight.


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