Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grief Group Tuesday

Linda came by a little after 9:00 am to drive me over to the senior center for my Grief Support Group. DeDee met us there. Had a very large group today, maybe about 20 to 25 people or so, with about 3 or 4 new people. Had a lot of good conversation in the group today. What's good is that Judy, the therapist who leads the group, always gets us to laugh. I find that very helpful. It's nice to see that these people who are living the worst experience in their lives can still laugh. There are certain people who ask a lot of questions or have a lot to talk about, then there are others who just sit there and never say a word. But we all have a common bond. Seems like more men are coming to the group now. There were at least 7 of them there today and it's nice to see that they are able to open up and share their grief with everyone. After the group, Linda, DeDee and I hit our normal pizza parlor for the lunch buffet. We didn't stay quite as long today because I had to get home so that I'd be here for my handyman when he comes by to install my ceiling fan on the patio. He should be here in a little while. So far I have had a pretty good day. I cried some this morning before Linda got here, but that was because I had an online friend email me and say "I hope you have a lot of photos of Ben for his memorial on Saturday". Well, I have a lot of photos, but they are not printed out. I came up with the idea to put a bunch of photos on a flash drive and take one of my laptops to the memorial on Saturday and put the slideshow from the flash drive on the computer to run continuously during the memorial. I downloaded about 90 photos of Ben, some of Ben and myself.

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  1. Glad to hear that the day has gone fairly well.This grief group sounds like a helpful group.


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