Sunday, July 31, 2011

So So Sunday

Had to take a sleep aid again last night. I was awake until almost midnight. This morning when I woke up, I could not remember what day it was. Don't know why it would matter though since I have no reason to get out of bed anymore. When I finally did get up, I washed my sheets and towels, then I walked down to the local liquor store to buy Ben's Lotto ticket for Wednesday. So at least I got in a 1.9 mile walk today. I thought on the way home that I should start carrying a box of Kleenex with me everywhere I go because it seems like I start crying at the drop of a hat these days. I don't even need to have a reason to start the tears to flow. I finally got around to “cleaning” off my dining room table. I had a lot of the stuff from the mortuary and Ben's memorial sitting there. For now I just stuck it in a drawer, but I needed to get it off the table as I was getting so sad looking at it. One of these days I will feel up to cleaning/straightening closets and drawers, but not yet. Stayed inside most of the day. It stayed cloudy and overcast all day which was nice because it stayed cool outside. Had my front door and sliding door from the living room to the patio open all day until the A/C came on a little after 2:30 pm. Earlier I smelled wet pavement and noticed that a few large rain drops were falling, but that only lasted about 5 minutes. Uploaded some photos to my photo sites on the Internet to share with everyone. Most of my day was spent, as usual, messing around on my computer with the TV on in the background.


  1. We should have spent our day together.For some reason,today the tears flowed freely,for me too.I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.

  2. If I remember correctly the first year was the saddest and then things let up some and gradually got better and better when I started dancing for exercise and meeting new friends who were older and single too. My best to you Kay.


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