Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kay's Day - 07/14/2011

There was a thick marine layer today that kept the sun from coming through the clouds, so it was a perfect day for a summer hike…not too hot and no worry about rattlesnakes. Linda came by to pick me up around 7:30 am and we headed over to Placerita Canyon. My brother Keith and I had just hiked there about a week and a half ago, but he and I only did 2 miles. Linda and I did the entire Canyon Trail which is 4.5 miles in and back. When we got there, we were the only hikers, but we started running into more people on our return trip. After our hike, Linda dropped me off at home so I could change clothes and Linda went home to change clothes, then she came back and picked me up to go have lunch and then we came back to my house to put some of Ben's ashes into the little boxes I had bought for Ben's brother and sister. We also put the remainder of Ben's ashes in the urn I bought for him on Then we took the locks of hair the mortuary had cut for me and I put them in frames with my favorite photo of Ben. I got a frame for myself and one each for Ben's brother and sister. My brother Keith had some field work for his job here in Santa Clarita today, so he came by just while Linda and I were busy with the ashes and locks of hair, had his lunch and then headed out for his field work. Linda left a little after that, but Keith will be back here when he gets his work done and he will have dinner with me and stay the night. It will be nice to have some company here tonight.


  1. I'm glad that Keith is able to spend the night with you. You have some wonderful friends there, God bless them. Take care, Sheila

  2. Sounds like a nice walk and nice visit with your brother-in-law.

  3. Hi Kay, I've had company (my children) the past few weeks and haven't had much computer time I've been keeping up with my blog friends just haven't left many comments so glad to hear you have so many friends to help you during this time and a wonderful brother.Take care, Jean


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